With the onset of the warm season or during long-awaited vacations, many try to spend more time outdoors, basking in the sun’s rays. Do not forget that ultraviolet radiation has a destructive effect on the skin, which, if there is insufficient protection from UV rays, reacts with sunburn. What are the dangers of such damage and what to do if the skin is sunburned.


Signs of skin burning in the sun
First aid: what to do if you get sunburned?
What should you not do if you have sunburn?
How to choose an effective after-sun cosmetic product?
Review of La Roche-Posay after-sun cosmetics
Preventing skin burning in the sun

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Degrees Of Sunburn

There are several stages of sunburn:

  • 1st degree burn:- characterized by redness (erythema) of the skin, which manifests itself within 1.5-4 hours after prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, accompanied by burning and sometimes swelling of the affected tissues. Usually the discomfort goes away within 3-5 days, after which itching, a feeling of tightness and flaking of the skin appear.
  • 2nd degree burn:- characterized by severe redness: the skin becomes burgundy in color, noticeably swells, blisters with liquid yellowish contents may appear on the affected areas, when ruptured, the germ layer of skin is exposed, characterized by a painful reaction to external touches and irritants. Wounds heal in 7-14 days, usually without forming a scar. After complete healing, the skin begins to peel off in layers.

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How Quickly Does Burned Skin Go Away?

The duration of tissue repair can be influenced by the following factors:

  • severity of damage;
  • area and localization of skin lesions;
  • age of the victim;
  • medications you are taking;
  • timely provision of first aid.

The body often reacts to extensive tissue damage by increasing body temperature, fever, chills, accompanied by dehydration. To speed up recovery, drink more clean water and take an antipyretic.

First Aid: What To Do If You Get Sunburned?

If it was not possible to protect your skin from excessive exposure to ultraviolet radiation and you have a sunburn, then take measures that will alleviate the condition and help relieve the symptoms of inflammation:

  • If you are badly sunburned on the beach, when you return home, cool your hot skin by taking a cool (but not icy) shower, apply a wet compress to the affected areas of the body or spray thermal water on them – this will help relieve pain.
  • Cosmetics labeled “after sun” with a cooling effect, a powerful soothing, restorative and moisturizing effect will help relieve burn symptoms (burning, feeling of tightness, soreness) and alleviate skin condition. The formulas of such products include: panthenol, allantoin, plant extracts and oils, thermal water.
  • When going outside, be sure to use products with a high degree of protection (SPF 50) and cover damaged areas of the body with clothing made from natural materials.
  • If you have received a 2nd degree burn, do not open the blisters yourself under any circumstances – this way you risk introducing an infection into the open wound.
  • In the case of prolonged exposure to the sun and the absence of obvious signs of sunburn, do not think that the influence of ultraviolet radiation has bypassed you: even if redness does not appear, unprotected exposure to direct sunlight starts the process of photoaging of the skin: premature wrinkles, pigmentation, dryness and peeling appear , loss of firmness and elasticity of tissues, rosacea.

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Even after short sunbathing, be sure to use restorative and moisturizing after-sun products that will help maintain the beauty, health and youth of your skin.

What Should You Not Do If You Have Sunburn?

 If your skin is severely sunburned, timely measures will help relieve the pain and soothe it at home. Be aware of common mistakes that can worsen your condition

   If you get a sunburn, it is strictly not recommended to:

  • Apply fermented milk products to the affected areas: kefir, sour cream, yogurt, etc. Leave grandma’s methods in the past! This method increases the risk of introducing bacteria into weakened and damaged skin, which will aggravate the situation.
  • Lubricate the damaged areas with vegetable oil (olive, coconut, etc.), which forms a dense film on the damaged surface and prevents breathing and natural cooling of the tissues.
  • Avoid using alcohol-containing products: alcohol will further dry out sun-damaged and dehydrated skin, which will worsen its condition.
  • Do not apply ice to the affected areas – a sharp temperature contrast can cause tissue frostbite, which will increase the inflammatory reaction.
How To Choose An Effective After-sun Cosmetic Product?

Modern manufacturers produce after-sun products of different types and textures:

  • milk
  • cream
  • lotion
  • mousse
  • gel
  • foam

When choosing a product, pay attention to what skin type it is intended for:

  • For oily skin, choose light textures: gels, lotions, after-sun milk with non-comedogenic and hypoallergenic formulas. Avoid foods high in oils and fats.
  • For dry skin , choose moisturizing and moisture-retaining formulas based on plant extracts, thermal water, hyaluronic acid: creams, milk, mousses.
  • For sensitive skin, light, soothing and restorative products are suitable, for example, foams and milks based on panthenol and aloe extract. Choose products labeled “hypoallergenic.

Pay attention to the components included in the product those that are contained in the greatest quantities are indicated at the beginning of the list and vice versa. Give preference to products that have water, moisturizing and restorative components in the first place, and anti-burn ones are in the middle of the list.

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Preventing Skin Burning In The Sun
  • Always apply a high protection sunscreen (SPF 30-50) to exposed skin .
  • Apply Sanskrin 15-20 minutes before going out into the sun in an even layer of 1-2 mm, paying special attention to the protruding parts of the body.
  • Determine your phototype and follow recommendations for length of sun exposure and use of UV protection.
  • Renew protection every 2 hours and after every swim.
  • If you’re relaxing at the beach or pool, choose sunscreens that are labeled “water-resistant.”
  • While walking, cover exposed areas of your body with long-sleeved clothing made from natural fabrics, and don’t forget about a hat – it will protect you from burning your parting and heat stroke.