For a Hair salon, choosing equipment is even more difficult. Which of the machines, combines and other devices should you prefer? However, we all choose equipment for opening a hair salon . Some are better, some – as it turns out. Usually, only the selection of furniture for the hall, hall, and reception desk does not cause problems. Although there are subtleties here too.

Even if you are new to the business, you are still expected to provide a completely professional service to your clients – after all, they are going to pay good money for your treatments Therefore, it is important to have a wide selection of equipment that will satisfy all their hair requirements. So what equipment is needed for a hair salon, hairdresser, hair cuts,  and hair styling on hair salon, sugaring.To help you through the process, we’ve put together a handy list of many of the essentials you’ll need to start your own hair salon.

It is difficult to choose equipment before opening your first salon. There are dozens of options. What is needed first is also not completely clear. The salon will need dozens of pieces of furniture, equipment, fixtures, and auxiliary materials. Just for a hairdresser you need 3 dozen of them, from a chair and a sink to a mop. This does not include towels with negligees.

Hair salons have a variety of salon furniture that is necessary to maximize customer comfort and of course their treatment

When opening a beauty salon, first of all you need to know what equipment is required. Let’s consider the list of necessary equipment for a hairdressing salon, hair cuts and hair styling.

List of equipments required to open a hair salon

The first stage is preparatory. We research the market, conduct information reconnaissance, and decide on a range of options. This stage influences the future business model of the establishment.You need to decide which services are in demand. We take information from newspapers, forums, and from salon equipment sellers. We must understand that the latter are trying to create demand among buyers. And they often succeed.

  • A chair for the client, a mirror with a shelf, lighting fixtures .
  • Sterilization devices and disinfectants.
  • Hair wash, dryer.
  • Auxiliary equipment


List of equipments required to open a hair salon Foetex Multitrimmer eller trimmersaet 26996099 large
Multitrimmer Eller Trimmersæt
Kr. 179,00

List of equipments required to open a hair salon SatanaDk Massagestol 4d Luksus Med Sl teknologi Varmeterapi 23707368 1344597 large
Massagestol 4d Luksus Med Sl-teknologi - Varmeterapi
Kr. 12.999,00

It is important to familiarize yourself with the offers of competitors

  • from the same class of salons – entry-level, mid-range or premium
  • located on neighboring streets.

List of equipments required to open a hair salon Trendbazaar Brunstad Sting Stol Stof 68836678 462 large
Brunstad Sting Stol - Stof
Kr. 15.880,00

List of equipments required to open a hair salon Proshop Duravit L cube Vaskeskab Vaegmonteret Med 1 Venstrehaengt Laage 12819660 2894567 large
Duravit L-cube Vaskeskab Vægmonteret Med 1 Venstrehængt Låge
Kr. 3.505,00

List of equipments required to open a hair salon Designhome Sminkebord Venus 40 X 146 X 75 Cm 7137506 23380 large 1
Sminkebord Venus 40 X 146 X 75 Cm Kr. 2.195,00
Kr. 2.195,00


Next, we select equipment for opening a beauty salon at the stage of searching for options. After the first “reconnaissance”, configuration options can be compiled. The following will help:

Traveling to industry exhibitions. There you can chat with representatives of manufacturers. Spying again gives good results: standing nearby and listening when other visitors ask questions. Write it down in a notebook, take price lists and brochures, go to demonstrations of procedures.

Mark the most important things, and over time a shopping list will emerge. These can be RF, laser, pressotherapy and others.

Don’t rush during the purchasing process, even if the seller’s managers try to rush you.


Hair salon equipments

For those of you who open your own hairdressing salon or barbershop, you must also use professional articles for work during the entire work process: washing, cutting, drying, styling, etc.

  • Barber scissors and razors  – razors, a set of scissors, blades for different hairstyles.
  • Hairdressing towels, napkins  and  dressing gowns  – to protect your customers’ clothes.
  • Hair care and permanent products  – shampoos, conditioners, treatments, sprays, mousses, gels…
  • Electrical equipment for hairdressing salons  – hair dryers, straighteners, clippers, curling irons, wands…
  • Brushes and combs  – for detangling, blow-drying and creating hairstyles.
  • Hair dyes  – gloves, foil, mixing bowls, aprons, application brushes, water spray, towels, peroxide, bleach and a wide variety of colors.
  • Salon hygiene products  – for cleaning brushes after your customers’ treatments and maintaining cleanliness in the salon or hairdresser itself.


List of equipments required to open a hair salon Sagacopenhagen Saga Copenhagen Vaskeklude Karklude 90937134 39674980892716 large
Saga Copenhagen Vaskeklude - Karklude
Kr. 129,00

List of equipments required to open a hair salon SatanaDk Dobbeltsidet Brusehoved M Shampoo Dispenser 56118772 1246578 large
Dobbeltsidet Brusehoved - M Shampoo Dispenser
Kr. 49,00

List of equipments required to open a hair salon Bahne Shark Flexstyle 5 in 1 Style Haartoerrer 51839933 shopify DK 8568197087578 47176432943450 large
Shark - Flexstyle 5-in-1 Style & Hårtørrer
Kr. 2.699,95

List of equipments required to open a hair salon Proshop Parsa Hair Scissors In Stainless Steel 13884264 3140283 large
Parsa Hair Scissors In Stainless Steel
Kr. 165,00

List of equipments required to open a hair salon HvidevareshoppenDk Beurer Hc050 Haartoerrer 28289291 4211125591144 large
Beurer Hc050 Hårtørrer
Kr. 349,00

Reception area in a hair salon

Every business needs its own administrative department, and beauty salons are no exception. Required to track daily activities throughout the work day including customer records, staff details, money management and other day-to-day tasks. Make sure you are organized and running smoothly with the following points

A reception desk is a necessary feature of furniture for conversation, payment and orientation of your customers

  • A laptop or computer  is the place where you can manage your business and promote yourself on social networks. To ensure the security of staff and customer information, make sure everything is password protected. We advise you to create an email address so that customers can contact you for updated information or reservations.
  • Telephone  – Whether mobile or landline, make sure your salon has a contact number so clients can call you to make an appointment.
  • Stationery and a notebook  are basic things, but they are also necessary for everyone. Make sure you have a supply of pens and pencils. Keep a calculator handy if clients want multiple treatments and you need to quickly estimate the cost of their full session or treatments!
  • Contactless card reader  – make it as easy as possible for your customers to pay, whether by card or phone.
  • Place for tips  – note: if your salon accepts them! It would be best if the tip box is located at the reception.


List of equipments required to open a hair salon Eurotoys Kontorstol Lilla 35765864 278 244877 large
Kontorstol Lilla
Kr. 749,00

List of equipments required to open a hair salon Designhome Vita Skrivebord Sort 100 Cm 49584369 21432 large
Vita Skrivebord Sort 100 Cm
Kr. 895,00

Decide how the equipment will fit together. Entering a proposal for figure correction? A device for myostimulation is not enough; it is worth thinking about lymphatic drainage. You should not buy devices with conflicting technologies.

The equipment must be ergonomic and comfortable. The client should be placed comfortably on the couch. Try not to keep it too small. And the specialist should not have a stiff back while working. Find out where there are service centers nearby for repairs.

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