The dress not only adds elegance to the image, but also allows you not to think about what you can combine with what. To look stylish and at the same time have only current things in your wardrobe, it is worth studying the main trends of this year and figuring out which dresses will be fashionable in 2024.


Which dress color to choose for the 2024 season

Fashionable shades now include chocolate, orange, pink and lilac-blue. This does not mean that you should limit yourself to this palette, but if you don’t have a single item of this color in your wardrobe, then it’s definitely worth purchasing it.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Bahne Evoked Vila Vizaya Off Shoulder 2 4 Midi Kjole 20683876 5715357769283 large
Evoked vila - vizaya off shoulder 2 4 midi dress
Kr. 119,95

Fashionable dresses 2024 Kingsqueens Pcjosia Sl Dress 10753621 large
Pcjosia sl dress
Kr. 80,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Magasin Pckiwi Strap Dress Bc 49516948 5715368070798 large
Pckiwi strap dress bc
Kr. 50,00

Black dress

This is a basic model that should be in every woman’s wardrobe. Now it is permissible to wear not only the classic fitted cropped model, but also midi length options. A striking addition can be an accent bow, voluminous sleeves, textured fabrics or even feathers, but it is better if they are removable, this will make the model more versatile.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Klassisk Tunika Hilda 79471204 large
Classical tunic hilda
Kr. 299,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Kjole Collary 66466010 large
Dress collary
Kr. 199,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Lykke by lykke Moves Kjole 45505828 5713712265210 large
Moves - dress
Kr. 429,00

White dress

Since almost every woman has black clothes in her wardrobe, there is now a new trend for snow-white shades . It used to be avoided due to the fact that it was considered impractical, but now it is the main indicator of chic that can be added to an outfit. Dresses of any style and length are suitable, the main thing is a snow-white shade. Such models are used not only for summer, but also for bright spring.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Bubbleroom Bubbleroom Occasion Gloria Set White 46 18161147 7333340104811 large
Bubbleroom occasion gloria seen white 46
Kr. 129,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Bubbleroom Bubbleroom Occasion Georgina Lace Dress White 44 63553588 large
Bubbleroom occasion georgina lace dress white 44
Kr. 119,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Bubbleroom Bubbleroom Occasion Caisa Dress White 46 30632278 7333340054123 large
Bubbleroom occasion caisa dress white 46
Kr. 129,00

Red dress

This season, medium-length and mini models are relevant. Clothing in such a rich color is suitable for creating a bright and attractive image. The main thing is not to overload it with accessories. Here you should adhere to minimalism and place the main emphasis on bright things.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Bahne Samsoee Samsoee Fridah 14643 Skjortekjole 36761440 5711452955699 large
Samsøe samsøe - fridah 14643 shirt dress
Kr. 359,95

Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Bluse Med Strukturmoenster Viviann 40078899 5705115746793 large
Blouse with textured pattern viviann
Kr. 239,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Bahne Stine Goya Elanor Heavy Satin Top 31241936 5712811425358 large
Stine goya - elanor heavy satin top
Kr. 500,00

Current printed dresses

If you want to diversify your wardrobe with options for printed dresses , then you should choose abstract or tropical patterns. Floral motifs, as well as stripes or checks are also acceptable. Marble patterns and dresses with images of stars have become a new trend, but designers cannot yet say that they will remain in trends for a long time.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Moenstret Kortaermet Jerseykjole Jenna 37554635 7313771704422 large
Pattern - short sleeve jersey dress jenna
Kr. 174,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Bahne Cra S Karencras Kjole 75032115 5714813067147 large 1
Cra p - karencras dress
Kr. 359,95

Fashionable dresses 2024 Magasin Yasdotti 2 4 Midi Dress S 14047968 5715366920736 large
Yasdotti 2 4 midi dress p.
Kr. 150,00

Fashionable dress material

The material is chosen based on the style and the effect that needs to be created. For example, if this is a light flowing dress, then it should be made of silk or satin to achieve a natural gloss. But in the case of a short sports model, preference should be given to natural cotton.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Magasin Pclucy Sl Dress D2d Dmo 50151721 5715419383303 large
Pclucy sl dress d2d dmo
Kr. 80,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Lykke by lykke A view Kjole 9552798 5714711120814 large
A view - dress
Kr. 899,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Bahne Vila Vigivani Lang Strop Kjole 89755656 5715358015341 large
Vila - vigivani long strap dress
Kr. 119,95

Knitted dresses

Among knitted models, dresses with a loose and slightly fitted cut remain relevant. You shouldn’t buy things that completely hug your figure; they definitely won’t come back into fashion in the next 2 years.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Bubbleroom Bubbleroom Odette Knitted Peaky Shoulder Dress Light Grey Xl 52189406 large
Bubbleroom odette knitted peaky shoulder dress light gray xl
Kr. 89,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Kingsqueens Purlotus Print Dress 25681924 large
Purlotus print dress
Kr. 100,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Kingsqueens Pcbillo Ss O neck Dress
Pcbillo ss o-neck dress lurex
Kr. 50,00

Velvet dresses

Such clothing allows women to feel confident and at the same time enjoy comfort. Velvet dresses can be short or long. Since such material attracts attention, fashion designers allow minimalistic decor or options with a neckline. Dresses with slits at the hips, asymmetrical cuts and wraps are also considered trendy.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Moenstret Slaa om Kjole Amira 65247618 large
Pattern wrap dress amira
Kr. 249,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Lang Moenstret Off shoulder kjole Monica 11455290 7313771847914 large
Long - pattern off-the-shoulder-dress monica
Kr. 239,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Moenstret Skjortekjole Eddy 56414150 large
Pattern shirt dress eddy
Kr. 199,00

Leather dresses

Another trend that has been going on for several seasons now. If earlier women were offered to wear only trousers made of this material, now there are many more options, including leather dresses. You can choose traditional options in black or brown, but more daring ones are better off with colored models.


Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Cowboykjole I Bloedvasket Denim Holly 38254878 7313771136940 large
Cowboy dress in blødvasket denim holly
Kr. 148,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Bahne Baum Und Pferdgarten Audrina Kjole 71894190 5715184145977 large
Baum und pferdgarten - audrina dress
Kr. 449,95

Fashionable dresses 2024 Lykke by lykke Minimum Kjole 83939787 5713712817235 large
Minimum dress
Kr. 749,00

Dress with lace

Although contrast has been a constant trend lately, models with delicate lace have been widely represented on the catwalks. It is not yet known how long this trend will last, but now you can safely wear dresses where lace, a delicate textured fabric, is used as an additional insert or main material.



Fashionable dresses 2024 Cellbes Moenstret Skjortekjole Med Lange Aermer Glenn 43659009 large
Pattern shirt dress with long sleeves glenn
Kr. 299,00

Fashionable dresses 2024 Bahne My Little Curvy Love Lotte Kjole 55772095 2000014229327 large
My little curvy laws - lotte dress
Kr. 529,95

Fashionable dresses 2024 Magasin Cilian Exotic Flower Dress 83250107 5711554891451 large
Cilian exotic flower dress
Kr. 150,00