On the eve of the main holiday of the year, adults frantically go through options for gifts that they could please their children, colleagues and loved ones. But most kids today already have everything their parents could have dreamed of at their age. And we cannot predict the desires of our work colleagues at all. The question arises: “What should you give to express your gratitude and indicate the person’s value to you?” There is a universal solution that will definitely appeal to both a restless young person and a friend at work – this is a holiday box of sweets.

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Netto Ferrero collection 27123010 large
Ferrero collection
Kr. 85,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Marcipanbroed med chokolade 91685770 large
Marzipan bread with chocolate
Kr. 15,10

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Chokoladeovertrukne noedder og frugt 14255338 large
Chocolate-coated nuts past, the laws fruit
Kr. 49,10

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024

The undoubted advantages of sweet gifts include:

  • versatility. Suitable for both adults and children;
  • relevance. Such a gift is timeless, out of fashion, appropriate always and everywhere;
  • solemnity. Creates a festive atmosphere. Especially if the packaging is made in New Year’s style;
  • availability. You can choose and purchase sweet sets wherever you are.

And, of course, such a gift brings a lot of positive emotions, good mood and gratitude from the recipient.

The main thing you should focus on when choosing a gift for a sweet tooth for the New Year 2024 is not the quantity of sweets inside, but their quality. Receive a huge box with dubious contents that will lie on the back shelf until next year? Or a miniature sweet gift, the delicacy from which will be eaten with pleasure on the same day? Which option is preferable? We think it’s the last one.

And what treasures should be in such a chest, we will describe in detail in this article.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Rema1000 Lakrids Fudge 58385216 81562 large
Licorice fudge
Kr. 15,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Rema1000 Karameller 7413355 80147 large
Kr. 15,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Rema1000 Vanilje Fudge 13896790 81561 large
Vanilla fudge
Kr. 15,00

Wafer rolls

Miniature straws are comfortable to hold in your hand, they hardly crumble, and therefore are ideal as one of the components of an exclusive New Year’s gift. Moreover, you can put not just one flavor, but a whole assortment into a sweet gift, for example, carefully tying the tubes with a red ribbon. Gourmets in the world of sweets will appreciate options with vanilla, nut and creamy chocolate filling. And what a divine crunch the wafer rolls make! The entire household will definitely come running to this alluring sound and offer help in tasting.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Motatos Marabou Schweizernoed 22 pak 59515521 MS229380 large
Marabou schweizernød 22-pak
Kr. 249,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Motatos Malaco Godt Blandet Orginal 58016792 7310350504305 large
Malaco well & mixed original
Kr. 19,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Motatos Mentos Gum Pure Fresh Juice Blast 40g 12658646 MS215242 large
Mentos gum puree fresh juice blast 40g
Kr. 19,00

Raw sweets

Raw treats are desserts made from whole, unprocessed plant ingredients that retain their beneficial properties. You will not find sugar, lactose or gluten in such sweets. Confectioners use nuts, dried fruits, seeds, cocoa, milk, and vegetable oils (coconut, almond, rice) as the basis for healthy Raw recipes. Natural syrups replace sugar here.

Despite the organic composition, Raw sweets are stored for quite a long time and do not spoil. Jams, dried fruits, craft eco-chocolate, dragees, chocolate-covered fruits, Rawcake, cakes, chiapuddings, cakes, sweets: the variety of flavor combinations and the number of variations of healthy Raw desserts will be the envy of large industrial production.

Giving Raw sweets as a New Year’s gift or as an addition to it means taking care of the health of the recipient, and perhaps opening the door to the world of proper nutrition. And, of course, Raw desserts are incredibly tasty and aesthetically pleasing. Children or adults with allergies, lactose or gluten intolerance will be especially happy with this gift.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Superbrugsen Anglamark chokolade 78880878 large
Änglamark chocolate
Kr. 16,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Lindt
Lindt excellence
Kr. 25,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Carletti snack 6865008 large
Carletti snack
Kr. 10,10

Candies with marzipan

This sophisticated delicacy is called truly Christmas. And the reason for this is the famous Nutcracker. Remember what it was like there: tea and coffee, chocolate and caramel, and also marzipan. Chocolate almond-sugar candies come with dried apricots, prunes, orange, nougat, cream, cherries and even rum: there is plenty to choose from to form a sweet gift for the New Year.

Did you know that marzipan contains a large amount of vitamin E and increases the body’s resistance to stress? For fans of the filling of floured almonds with sugar syrup, it’s time to rejoice, because their favorite dessert is not only tasty, but also supports the functioning of the nervous system.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Foetex Stjernehaps 3 stjernet 5704080956428 large
Stjernehaps 3-stjernet
Kr. 5,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Irma Irmas slikposer 64998437 large
Irmas candy bags
Kr. 22,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Kvickly Schioetz oel Malaco slikposer Marabou plader eller Anthon Berg marcipanbroed 30809425 large
Schiøtz beer malaco candy bags, marabou plates or anthon berg marzipan bread
Kr. 11,00

Chocolate candies

Would you say it’s a banality? We will say – an eternal classic. High-quality sweets are an integral part of any New Year’s gift and its main decoration, if you may, the cherry on the cake. Gone are the days when chocolate was a cross between caramel and marmalade. Today, workers in the chocolate industry pamper consumers with real masterpieces that are worthy of the proud title of “Main Dessert of the Year.”

Chocolatiers around the world are working on New Year’s versions of their best creations. Entire Christmas markets open where gourmets can buy a box of unique chocolates.

Give such a sweet gift to an old friend or an employee at work who often helps you out. In return, you will receive a double dose of holiday cheer and a sea of ​​gratitude. Or maybe you’ll even be invited to a friendly tea party.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Winefamly Candy Kittens Sour Watermelon England 8778450 31464 large
Candy kittens, sour watermelon - england
Kr. 44,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Haribo 26814143 large
Kr. 10,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Sunsweet Svesker 10001837 large
Sunsweet prunes
Kr. 30,00

Cookies for tiramisu

Airy, crispy Italian Savoyardi cookies are an ideal snack for a festive tea party. Therefore, it must certainly be included in a sweet gift. You can also make tiramisu from it – a delicate dessert with an expressive contrast of sweet buttercream and bitter coffee. By the way, this is a good idea for a Christmas or New Year’s table.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Foetex Cookies Kanel eller julesnurre 24391997 large
Cookies cinnamon - or julesnurre
Kr. 10,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Juletraespynt fyldt med chokolade eller cookies 48290069 large
Christmas tree ornaments stuffed with chocolate or cookies
Kr. 15,10

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl smaakager 19060950 large
Kr. 20,10

Milk chocolate with blueberries

Fans of real milk chocolate will definitely love this unusual combination with taiga berries. Light sourness and sweetness: this bright taste cannot be confused with anything! Milk chocolate with blueberries will be a great addition to a sweet set or even a separate gift. You can give it to a teacher, doctor, project partner, friend, mother and grandmother.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Netto Fintons cookies 33516164 large
Finton s cookies
Kr. 12,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Foetex Dan Cake citronmaane Good Food riskager med smag Salling cookies eller mini muffins 7966713 large
Dan cake lemon moon, good food rice cakes with taste, salling cookies or mini muffins
Kr. 14,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Netto Karen Volf cookies 80013852 large
Karen volf cookies
Kr. 10,00

Set of chocolates

Do you have time or don’t want to create a New Year’s gift from many components? Then a set of elite, high-quality chocolates is what will surely help you out in many situations. You can also give the set to a friend or relative whose arrival you did not expect. A box of exclusive delicacy will melt your heart and allow you to improve your relationship.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Rema1000 Chocolate Selection 73817366 81364 large
Chocolate selection
Kr. 85,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Daglibrugsen Anthon Berg Guldaeske 66171315 large
Anthon berg gold box
Kr. 59,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Foetex Anthon Berg taerter 66298371 large
Anthon berg pies
Kr. 25,00

Liquorice candy

Bright, sweet, and also very healthy: what could be better for a child? It’s no wonder that original licorice candies are a favorite delicacy of Dutch children. A dessert is prepared from licorice root (also known as licorice) with the addition of molasses, sugar, vegetable dyes and flavorings. Once upon a time, the licorice treat consisted of black tube-shaped candies, but today everything has changed. Yellow, red, green, round, square, spiral: modern manufacturers are not limited to just one.

Moreover, the healing properties of licorice sweets even outweigh their outstanding taste and original appearance. Liquorice will ease your baby’s coughing attacks, stimulate the immune system, and normalize intestinal function. Don’t forget to add licorice candies to your sweet New Year’s gift.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Letkoeb TOFFIFEE 31060520 large
Kr. 20,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Toms Chokoladebar eller Guld Barre 33889846 large
Toms Chokoladebar Eller Guld Barre
Kr. 6,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Superbrugsen Toblerone Twist eller Daim 39587483 large
Toblerone, twist, or daim
Kr. 25,00

Finland chocolates

Candies made from natural Finnish milk chocolate Suomi will become the pearl of the New Year’s table or a pleasant and tasty gift for a child or colleague. Particularly popular among customers are the sophisticated delicacy with vanilla and blueberry filling and the classic milk one. Suomi sweets are a guarantee of quality and bright, impeccable taste of real chocolate.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Groen Balance Oekologisk Moerk Chokolade 89789315 large
Green balance organic dark chocolate
Kr. 15,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Netto Haribo slikpose 63042094 large
Haribo bag of goodies
Kr. 12,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Odense Nougat eller Moerke Chokolade knapper 89338906 large
Odense nougat or dark chocolate buttons
Kr. 25,00

Candy “chocolate hearts”

You can love not only your soulmate, your parents, your child, your job, your country. You can also love chocolate. For those who have a passion for sweets made from cocoa beans, a set of high-quality heart-shaped chocolates would be the ideal New Year’s gift. Original candies are worth adding to a sweet gift for your baby. Creative packaging in the form of a mesh allows you to present the delicacy as a separate gift, for example, to your beloved spouse or friend.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Toms Fyldte Guld Barre 36562571 large
Toms filled gold ingot
Kr. 12,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Chokoladebar 62922556 large
Chocolate bar
Kr. 8,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Irma Irmas oekologisk pladechokolade 8875214 large
Irmas organic bar of chocolate
Kr. 16,00

Praline chocolates

The bright nutty taste with a soft hint of burnt sugar will send the taste buds of any sweet tooth into a state of bliss. And add delicate milk chocolate to this splendor. Now you know what praline candies are. Well, isn’t this a magical gift on New Year’s Eve?

Its advantage is that everyone loves pralines, because it is not only a classic recipe. It tastes like energetic espresso, cherry, raspberry, rose, mint or almond. And for adults there are variations – praline chocolates with liqueur filling.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Brugsen Toms Rene chokolader 43232570 large
Toms rené chocolates
Kr. 12,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Juleskum 90192120 large
Christmas foam
Kr. 12,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Juletrae med fyldte chokolader 28733314 large
Christmas tree with filled chocolates
Kr. 35,10

Assorted chocolates

Looking for a versatile gift that is timeless? You found it! Praline, soufflé, hazelnuts, marmalade, ganache, truffle, marzipan, roasted cake: no matter what fillings a sweet tooth prefers, if he loves real chocolate, he will be glad to receive a gift in the form of a variety of chocolates, and at the same time enrich his taste. Who knows, perhaps among them he will meet one who will become his favorite.

Assorted chocolates will be appreciated by both a beloved grandmother or a good-natured elderly aunt, as well as a nimble teenage nephew or a stern father of the family. And drinking hot tea with chocolate candies together is even more fun.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Minkoebmand Spangsberg Floedeboller 24325855 large
Spang berg snowballs
Kr. 22,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Bilka Chokolade 90915757 large
Kr. 25,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Bilka Malaco eller MMs slikpose 95802803 large
Malaco or m&m’p bag of goodies
Kr. 29,00

Vodka chocolate candies with vodka filling

Chocolates with vodka will be a welcome gift for a woman or man, friend, colleague or distant relative. A unique and completely unchildish delicacy will lift your spirits and decorate your holiday feast. Only premium ingredients were used for preparation, as evidenced by the refined taste of chocolate. Miniature and tastefully designed packaging gives the candies a presentable appearance. The combination of real sweetish chocolate and bitter Finnish vodka is impossible to forget.


Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Anthon Berg Marcipanhjerter eller Marcipan Julekugler 68238586 large
Anthon berg marzipan hearts or marzipan christmas balls
Kr. 20,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Spar Anthon Berg Guldaeske 93506639 large
Anthon berg gold box
Kr. 60,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Chokolade i julepose 51697357 large
Chocolate in christmas bag
Kr. 25,10

Sweet New Year’s gifts intended for children are best placed in New Year’s packaging to create a feeling of fairy tale and magic. Thematic plastic bags, ready-made cardboard bags or cute metal boxes would be appropriate here.

If you have the time and desire, then put together for your child a whole combination of chocolates, licorice candies, Raw sweets, and add an assortment of wafer rolls. Another option is to present a ready-made box of treats from one brand.

An adult will enjoy a separate package of chocolates or a bar of high-quality chocolate. They will look great wrapped in craft paper and tied with a bright ribbon.

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Netto Carletti Selection 12607638 large
Carletti selection
Kr. 59,00

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Lidl Anthon Berg chokolade delights 2613184 large
Anthon berg chocolate delights
Kr. 25,10

Sweet gifts for New Year 2024 (45) Meny KINDER ELLER FERRERO ROCHER 47733135 large
Cheeks or ferrero rocher
Kr. 10,00